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We are constantly pushing the envelope on research and development to meet our customers changing needs. We only deal with time-tested technologies that pass our rigorous performance standards.

About American  Roofing

Welcome to American Roofing Company  Thank you for visiting our website. We focused on SAFETY,SERVICE and INNOVATION. SAFETY first - American  Roofing is focused on the safety of our workforce.

This is demonstrated in everything we do from the start of the day with our Morning Action Plan (MAP) and crew stretching, to providing high quality safety education and total management support. Our culture is defined by our people taking personal responsibility for safety and the safety of their co-workers. an bases its business philosophy on a four-point key elements of our business strategy.

Our unified companywide commitment to quality, delivers an unmatched array of commercial roofing solutions and our strong support sustain our roofing efforts and your return on investment.